PowerShell-Extensions für Azure

Trevor Sullivan, ein Microsoft MVP für Windows PowerShell, hat auf GitHub ein PowerShell-Modul veröffentlicht, um häufige PowerShell-Aufgaben mit Microsoft Azure zu vereinfachen.

This PowerShell script module project is intended to offer extensions to the Microsoft Azure PowerShell module, to simply interactive use, and fill in functional & documentation gaps. The specific areas that it will help fill are:

  • PowerShell Proxy functions – Simplify cmdlet calls that are unnecessarily complicated by default.

  • PowerShell Aliases – Reduce the amount of typing necessary to run Azure PowerShell commands interactively.

  • PowerShell about_* Help – Provide built-in PowerShell help that users are accustomed to, instead of browsing the web.

  • Auto-completer Functions – Automatic tab-completion for parameter values, to reduce the need to memorize cloud resource names.

Ihr findet das Projekt hier.

Viele Grüße

Dieter Rauscher
MVP Enterprise Security