Microsoft IPsec Diagnostic Tool

Die Kommunikation per IPSec ist eine sichere Sache, doch meist nicht trivial einzurichten. Um bei möglichen Problemen zu helfen hat Microsoft das IPSec Diagnostic Tool veröffentlicht.

Microsoft IPsec Diagnostic Tool checks for common network problems on the host machine and if found, suggests repair commands. Further, it collects IPsec policy information on the system and parses the IPsec logs to deduce why a failure might have happened. Beyond IPsec, it offers trace collection for VPN, NAP client, Windows Firewall, Group policy updates, Wireless and System events. The Diagnostic Report generated by the tool is conclusive and is derived from the system logs collected by the tool during its analysis phase. These logs are self sufficient to diagnose any network related issues. For further assistance, the logs would require to be shared with Network Administrators or Microsoft support. 

Das Diagnosetool kann hier nach einer Windows Genuine-Überprüfung heruntergeladen werden. 

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