[Beta] Microsoft Forefront Integration Kit for Network Access Protection

Auf dem Solution Accelerators – Security & Compliance-Blog fand ich einen Blogbeitrag zu einem Microsoft Forefront Integration Kit for Network Access Protection.

The Microsoft Forefront Integration Kit for Network Access Protection (NAP) provides software components that allow you to integrate NAP and Forefront Client Security. A network administrator can use these components to establish a system health policy that NAP uses to determine whether client computers that run Forefront Client Security comply with the policy before they are allowed access to network resources. The Kit will also provide instructions on how to install the components and configure the system health policy for Forefront Client Security.

What are the benefits?

  • Boosts security. The Kit strengthens your malware defenses by integrating two key Microsoft security technologies: Forefront Client Security and Network Access Protection.
  • Saves time and reduces IT costs. The Kit’s system health validator (SHV) allows you to quickly establish health policies for Forefront Client Security installations on all network clients. The system health agent (SHA) automatically monitors the health of these installations network-wide, and remediates problems—freeing up scarce IT resources for other tasks.
  • Easy to deploy. You can install and configure the Kit in just a couple of hours.

Where do I access the beta?

To learn more about the Kit, sign in to the Microsoft Connect Web site. Or, to join the beta program, click here and complete the beta program survey. Note that you may have to register to get access to the Connect site. You will be notified once you are given access to the beta Web site and can download the beta release. Be aware that in order to deploy the SHA and SHV from this kit, you will need to have NAP and Forefront Client Security deployed. I recommend that you read the Release Notes for the latest beta release information.

Viele Grüße

Dieter Rauscher
MVP Forefront