ISA Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool (IsaBPA) V4 ist RTW

Seit Kurzem steht die aktuelle Version des IsaBPA zur Verfügung (RTW = release to Web).

What has changed in the new version?

  •  ISA Data Packager (formerly known as Pack ISA Server Diagnostics) enhancements. This tool packs the ISAInfo report, IsaBPA report, ISA Server traces, MSDE logs, event log, data from several performance counters, network captures and Oakley logs into a single file and places it on the desktop, ready to be sent to support engineers in case there is a problem. This release also enables you to set your ISA trace filter according to your scenario and to collect only relevant information. The IsaBPA package also contains the ISA traces files. The ISA Data Packager (IDP) eliminates several round trips between the customer and PSS, hence reducing support cost and increasing customer satisfaction.

  •  We added new checks to the new IsaBPA. There are now 210 rules. The focus of this release was on rules checking the logging, CSS, branch office scenario and Web Publishing Load Balancing. These new suites join the Hardware, Authentication, OWA, SSL Certificates and Site-to-site VPN with IPsec suites that were introduced in previous versions.

  •  View more settings.  The detailed View pane contains almost all ISA Server configuration settings that can be viewed in ISA Server Management, including all policy rules, network rules, networks, alerts. More than 900 configuration settings are now displayed.

  • More documentation. The UE team enhanced the help file. It contains approximately 100 pages. You can find which checks are being performed, how to operate the IsaBPA and of course how to fix the found issues.

  •  Bug fixes. We fixed several bugs that were discovered in the previous version.

Wer bereits eine frühere Version des IsaBPA einsetzt, kann die neue Version einfach über die integrierte Updatefunktion laden. Ansonsten steht das Tool als Download zur Verfügung.

Der IsaBPA arbeitet mit allen ISA Server 2004 und 2006 Versionen zusammen. 

Viele Grüße

Dieter Rauscher
MVP ISA Server