Remote Access Quarantine Tool für ISA Server 2006 verfügbar

Seit dieser Woche ist das aktuelle (englische) Remote Access Quarantine Tool für ISA Server 2006 verfügbar.

Use this tool to prepare ISA Server installed on a computer running Windows Server 2003 as an RQS listener component. This version replaces any previous versions of the tool.

Quarantine control holds remote access client computers in quarantine, after authentication, until their configuration settings are validated. Two software components provide a mechanism for quarantine control. The Remote Access Quarantine service (Rqs.exe) runs on the ISA Server 2006 computer as a listener component. Remote Access Quarantine Client (Rqc.exe) runs on the remote access client computer as a notification component, informing the Rqs.exe listener component running on the ISA Server that the client computer complies with security policy.

The Remote Access Quarantine Tool (ConfigureRQSForISA.vbs) automatically prepares your ISA Server computer as an RQS listener. ConfigureRqsForISA.vbs creates the following:

• RQS protocol definition on TCP port 7250.
• Access rule allowing RQS traffic.
• Registry entry for the RQS service, and an entry to ensure that RQS event messages display correctly in the Event Viewer.

On computers running Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1, deploy quarantine control as follows:

• Install Rqs.exe using Add/Remove Windows Components in the Control Panel, and then run ConfigureRQSForISA.vbs. Deploy Rqc.exe on remote client computer using the Connection Manager Administration Kit. For instructions on installing these components, see New Networking Features in Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1.

On computers running Windows Server 2003 without a service pack, deploy quarantine control as follows:

• Download the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit which includes Rqs.exe and Rqc.exe. The Rqc.exe component supplied in the Resource Kit Tools can be installed on client computers without any modification. For Rqs.exe, a newer version is available. Download the updated version from Remote Access Quarantine Agent (Rqs.exe).



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